Fastest ECN network available

We are preparing an environment where major financial institutions can provide tier 1 trading infrastructure, which was previously only available to HFCs (frequent traders) and quants, to general investors.

Smart price improvement

Minimum initial deposit $ 200 / spread 0.0pips ~ (blade account). No transaction fee (standard account) environment

Nextart for smooth, high-performance Forex trading

NEXTART is a next-generation type that provides FX, commodities and stock index CFD trading online using the industry's top level The latest ECN broker. You can trade online on the multiple platforms provided by our company, including Metatrader5, the world's No.1 forex trading platform, using your preferred method.

pread and latency close to zero have been realized by using NEXTART's latest technology developed by combining a wealth of knowledge, cutting-edge science and technology, and IT technology. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff, from beginners to professional traders, will assist you around the clock.

Supported platforms
Choose the platform that best suits your needs from a wide range of choices. In addition to the MetaTrader 5 for PC, all customers can use the app for smartphones (iOS / Android) and the web version of NEXTART Web Trader for free. In addition, MT5 allows you to enjoy a wide range of transactions using custom indicators in addition to a wide range of EAs (automatic trading robots).